Go Local

Getting your food to the table from local sources is always preferable for many reasons. The environmental impact is improved…zero or minimal transport equals less pollution, you can meet with growers at farmers markets and discuss their products, you can find less expensive produce including organic which unfortunately can be kind of pricey and the best local source is always from your own garden. Even when we lived in a rented townhouse my wife Val and I managed a small container garden on our 8 ft by 8 ft deck.

Gardening is very rewarding, it’s a great stress reliever and the best way to have fresh organic produce at your fingertips.

Back in my hippie days in Berkeley lots of households in a 3-4 block area had gardens. Unfortunately everyone would want to give you their excess tomatoes and zucchini till we had a block party one winter and decided to be a bit more organized. Each garden agreed to grow half of their space with specific items like: Tom is growing broccoli, corn, red potatoes and cauliflower, Sally is growing zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, basil and parsnips etc. The other half of the garden each household would grow whatever they wanted. Come harvest time we had such a variety of surplus veggies that it was like having a free farmer’s market in our neighborhood and a great chance to get together and share growing tips and feel a sense of community. I realize that was a different time and place but a great concept never dies. Even if you did this with just one other friend’s garden you would benefit greatly and be proactive in creating a community.


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