Niçoise Salad

This classic salad hails from the Provence region of France where fresh vegetables and seafood from the French Riviera abound. My variation omits the baby potatoes and features herb salad instead of butter lettuce and an anchovy emulsified dressing instead of  the classic vinaigrette.  Savory and very flavorful this salad is more of a meal than a starter. Low fat, high protein, omega 3, high fiber, gluten-free and diabetic friendly. If you desire a lower sodium content, omit the olives and use a vinaigrette.

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Niçoise Salad

Yield: 3 servings

5 oz Earthbound Farm™ Organic Fresh Herb Salad
6 oz baby carrots
6 oz fresh green beans blanched
6 oz niçoise olives
6 hard-cooked eggs
3 small tomatoes quartered
2 – 3.75 oz cans sardines in water
6 oz albacore tuna in oil
6 oz shallots small dice

1 egg yolk
1 – 2 oz can anchovies in olive oil
2.5 fl. oz grape seed oil or extra virgin olive oil
1 fl. oz water
.5 fl. oz lemon juice

Arrange salad ingredients as pictured onto 3 plates. Using an immersion mixer or blender
make dressing by adding egg, lemon juice, anchovies and water then slowly add
a stream of oil to create an emulsion. Drizzle dressing over salads, and serve.

©2010 Aron David Bradley


7 thoughts on “Niçoise Salad

  1. The information about that area of France is common knowledge and confirmed by a couple of friends who just vacationed there this last Summer. The recipe is my variation on a classical salad from Nice, France.

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