Simply Stir Fry

I taught a cooking class recently where I outlined my simple formula for eating right.
1. Incorporate vegetables and fruits and whole grains into every meal
2. Use cheese as a garnish, not a protein
3. Use fresh local ingredients whenever possible
4. Sauté instead of fry, steam instead of boil
5. Reduce the unholy trinity: fat, salt, sugar whenever possible.
6. Avoid highly processed and ‘fast’ food

Today let’s explore point # 1. One of the best ways to get a variety of veggies into your diet is stir fry. There are endless ways to combine vegetables and seasonings and it is so quick and easy, I do stir frys throughout the week. Pictured is a wok with green beans, eggplant, red peppers, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, fish sauce, chili flakes and a bit of cornstarch. You can use soy sauce, tamari, sesame oil, fish sauce, Bragg’s Liquid Amino or simply salt for flavoring, add tofu or lean meats or seafood for protein and you have a complete meal in minutes that is healthy and appealing. These components as pictured are gluten-free and diabetic friendly and low fat.


15 Minute Ceviche

This is a quick and easy version of a Latin dish that can contain any variety of fresh or even frozen seafood. It is traditionally ‘cooked’ in lime or lemon juice from a raw state but to save time the surimi (imitation crab) is always steam cooked and the shrimp are cooked to save time. It’s true that done from the raw state there is a more pronounced flavor and a different texture but this version is still very tasty and a time saver and a great alternative for those who may be put off by raw marinated seafood. This is a gluten-free, very low fat, high protein and diabetic friendly recipe.

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15 Minute Ceviche

Yield: 2 generous servings

6 ounces cooked 21-25 prawns
8 ounces chunk style crab or lobster surimi
1 Serrano pepper sliced
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup lime juice
¼ cup sliced red onions
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon sucralose
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon ground cumin

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and marinate for 10-15 minutes in the fridge.
Serve with a lemon or lime garnish

© 2011 Aron David Bradley

Moroccan Beef Stew

Moroccan Beef stew is very different to the western stews you may be used to. They often contain dried fruit and are very flavorful. Some of that flavor comes from Ras el hanout. This is a popular blend of spices that is used across North Africa. The name means “top of the shop” in Arabic and refers to a mixture of the best spices a seller has to offer.They are fragrant and pungent aromatics like cinnamon, cloves, allspice, peppers and can have as many as 30 different spices. In Indian Cuisine, Garam masala is very similar. This is easy to prep and the slow cooker does the braising work. I suggest serving it over a saffron basmati rice. You can replace the beef with a combination of parsnips or turnips, yams, and whole button mushrooms for an exotic vegetarian feast. This is a gluten-free recipe.

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Moroccan Beef Stew

Yield: 6 servings

3 lbs. boneless chuck roast
3 cups of water
1 – 14.5 oz. can of chickpeas
1 – 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 medium onion diced
2 medium carrots diced
2 cups golden raisins (Sultanas)
1.5 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ras el hanout spice blend
1 teaspoon gr. cardamom
1 teaspoon gr. cumin
1 teaspoon hot chili powder
3 star anise
Zest from 1 orange

Cut boneless chuck roast across the grain into half inch thick strips and place in the bottom of a crock type slow cooking pot. Add the remaining ingredients, cover and cook on high setting for 8 hours. (Don’t drain the chickpeas or diced tomatoes). Serving suggestion: Serve over saffron Basmati rice as pictured.

© 2011 Aron David Bradley