Get Juiced

Back in the late 60’s…yes I’m that old, there was a health food store in Berkeley that had a juice bar. They used to juice a river of carrot and vegetable combos all day and I noted the juicer they used thinking that would be the one to buy when I had the means…it was a Champion juicer. Years later I bought one and have never regretted my purchase. Today there are many fine juicers on the market and if you want to fast track your way to health, I strongly recommend you buy one. How else can you get a dozen servings of fruits and vegetables into one power packed serving? It is loaded with micro nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and raw as well. Want to cleanse your system and lose some weight? Go on a 10 day juice fast. Even a single day a week will work wonders for your health. The combinations are endless so I’ll just put a few I like to get you started. I like to store the raw fruits and veggies in the fridge so the juice is chilled when you make it since the friction tends to make the juice a bit tepid when your ingredients are at room temp. Of course before embarking on a prolonged juice fast it is prudent to consult your medical professional before you start.

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Get Juiced

Yield:1-2 servings

3 Granny Smith Apples
6 leaves of kale or 1 bunch of spinach
1 big toe sized piece of ginger
6 carrots
1 lime

6 carrots
2 beets
1 piece of ginger
1 cucumber
3 stalks of celery

1/2 lemon
1/2 cantaloupe
3 Braeburn apples
1 pint raspberries

Chill, wash and cut fruits and veggies to fit the size of the feed hopper then juice away!
© 2011 Aron David Bradley


4 thoughts on “Get Juiced

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  2. I just put the pulp in the compost. If you put the insert that bypasses where the juice comes out you can make excellent sorbets by just freezing fresh fruit. Add frozen bananas to make it creamy. Try it…you’ll LOVE it especially on those hot summer nights!

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