Local and Luscious

When you shop local at farmers markets or via community supported agriculture you not only get a chance to meet the folks who grow your food you also create an epic reduction in the fossil fuel it takes to plant grow, harvest, pack, store, transport and package your meats and produce. These commercial products are often grown with pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and often lower in nutrition and sometimes dangerous to your health especially in feedlot factory farmed beef. It is a win /win when you buy direct from your local farmers and you help to support small scale agriculture which has practically been shut out by the current U.S. policies and subsidies for big biz mono crop agriculture. Now lets talk about something everyone can relate to: TASTE! This local organically and humanly grown food is absolutely delicious and nutritious. My photos don’t do the products justice so you will just have to go to your local farmers market and taste their wares yourself!

Pictured: Setniker Farms pork shoulder roast http://setnikerfarms.com/beef.asp (although their website covers their beef they have added chicken and pork as well) with Your Hometown Harvest’s potatoes http://www.yourhometownharvests.com/ (where my C.S.A. boxes come from) and some fresh herbs from my garden and Cherries (Your Hometown Harvest) and mild raw milk cheddar cheese from Full Circle Creamery http://fullcirclecreamery.com/

Kind readers, PLEASE SHOP AND EAT LOCAL you’ll be so glad you did!


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